About Our Firm
Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield, LLP was established by the merger of Podell, Rothman, Schechter & Banfield, LLP and Schwartz, Weiss, Steckler, Hoffman & Hade, P.C., New York's two largest tax certiorari law firms. The new firm was formed with the goal of providing clients with a single-source solution for all real property tax assessment, abatement and exemption matters.

Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield is headquartered in Manhattan and serves clients located throughout the United States. The firm currently represents the individual and institutional owners of thousands of commercial, residential, retail and industrial properties in New York State alone. Many of the firm's attorneys serve on national, state and local bar associations and committees, and have written and lectured on issues involving real property valuation and the administration and review of tax assessments. Our attorneys have many years of experience in the negotiation, trial and appeal of property tax matters, often first accumulated with the New York City or other governmental law departments, the New York State Courts, the New York City Assessor's Office, or private practice with other law firms. Supporting this talent are the firm's advanced computerized property database and its large roster of non-attorney assessment professionals.

Podell, Schwartz, Schechter & Banfield represents a pioneering and innovative force in the certiorari bar as is evidenced by the firm's many groundbreaking court decisions and by its prominence in the field of tax certiorari. We occupy an unusual niche among New York law firms. We are large and experienced enough to handle real estate tax matters of great complexity while giving all clients the individual attention they deserve.